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THE D BRIDGE in the making.


1994 Model

This is a model of the TNG D Bridge I made for my son back in 1994, It was designed to be be played with and is a crude representation of the real Bridge but served it's purpose and these are photos I have taken of it now and has stood up to a many years of playing. I had to make a crude roof to stop my two year old daughter sitting in it which she seemed to find fun!!

In 1994 I had limited reference info and had to sit through many hours of video just to get certain glimpses of areas that were not shown much, One particular item was the angle of the opps and conn stations, eventually I found a show where I could place paper on the tv screen and trace the angles, I have only recently found out that the two angles of 50 &35 degrees were exactly right, well chuffed!!

Arial view of the Bridge Perspex screens were blackened and then scratched out and painted in stain glass fluid. I will use printed Lcars panels for the new one
The new model will have Lcars panels illuminated under perspex as in the real set Just testing lighting effects with EL Wire
The tactical station will be lit up in the new model  
The opps and con stations will be made from opal acrylic and illuminated in the new model Had to fix some loose wiring while trying out some el wire for effect.


2013 Model

After an email from an admirer of the 1994 Bridge who would like to make one but wanted advise on where to start and after searching the internet and found no one else had made one (Glad to be corrected) inspired me to clean up the old one and with all the information on the internet these days I thought I would make a new much improved and accurate version. This is going to be a long project as I will be doing this in the little spare time I have and hope that it doesn't end up like the model cottage or lighthouse I have sat in the office!!

There are a lot of photos of the construction below and will bore some people to sleep so sorry about that but there will be some who will love to see every nook and cranny.


I would like to thank Tobias Weimann for his kind permission to use his Lcars artwork in the new model I am about to make and his website can be found at the link to the right.

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The making of the 2013 Model

Roof Construction

Bridge Sofit and Walls

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I have had trouble finding a suitable comments add on for this page, I have now made a basic slideshow on You Tube so if anyone would like to make any comments or ask a question please go to the link below.

Video of roof in construction 

Video of completed roof  


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